Saturday, February 2, 2013

Let's get started!

Hello everyone, my name is Jeffrey Ovens, and I am beginning a new hobby in woodworking. With this first post, I would like to get down to business, so if you wish to learn more about myself, and the scope of this site, please visit the 'About' section and 'Disclaimers'. As I work through projects, I will post details about them in the 'Projects' section.

My first 'real' project will be a set of closet organizers for our small 'his/hers' closets. However, before I can pursue this project, I decided it was necessary to construct a few simple organizational pieces for my tools, and a simple workbench (which is really an invaluable tool in any workshop, so I've heard). These simple projects will also give me a chance to refresh my skills with some basic woodworking techniques, such as Cutting, Gluing and Sanding.

I hope you enjoy following my journey as much as I hope to enjoy being a part of it!

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